Shopping in Milan

My dear readers, It’s that time of the year again… Sales discounts!!! And which is the best city in Italy to visit during this time of the year if not Milan, the Italian Fashion Capital! Despites tthe low temperatures and the large amount of people that had my same idea, I managed to buy a … More Shopping in Milan

Crete Part 2

The third day was devoted to relax. We found an amazing but quiet beach, Platanes Beach. We stayed there all day long and the beach is well served: there is wifi and the bar over there offers all types of food and drinks. They bring it to your umbrella as well. For dinner we took … More Crete Part 2

Crete Part 1

Crete, an island rich of wonderful beaches, ancien history, and beautiful landscapes, is the place I chose to end my vacations. This is the right place to relax before going back to college. But Crete is not only that. Here there are both dreamy cities, and villages, and the locals are more than happy to … More Crete Part 1


In my life I’ve been several times in this city in Croatia and I am never tired of it. Once part of Italy, now this city welcomes tourists from every part of the world, coming either via sea or ground transportation. It does not matter which is their final destination, every tourist traveling through Croatia … More Rovinj


Chocolate. Waffles. French fries. No, I am not talking about some city un the US, I am talking about Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and the European union as well. This fascinating city is full of contradictions: it is historic, bureaucratic but bizarre as well. In addition, it is present a cohexistence of two … More Brussels


Sevilla, the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia, is an amazing city situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir. What makes this city special is the fact that buildings from the three different religions (catholic, jewish, and muslim) lived and changed owners throughout history. In addition, its Old Town, the … More Sevilla


“Fui sobre agua edificada, mis muros de fuego son. Esta es mi insignia y blason” (On water I was built, my walls are made of fire. This is my ensign and escutcheon). … More Madrid