My name is Teresa. I am from Italy but I am living in the U.S. to attend university. I love reading, travelling, writing, and taking pictures. I love food too. I appreciate fashion but I am not an expert. I also love sports: I used to play tennis and I used to be a fencer, but now I am starting to appreciate running.

Who am I? There are a lot of ways to describe me, but if I had to use just a word to describe myself, I would say I am a mess.
I have several interests in my life. I love photography, for example, and I am taking it as a class at college. It is black and white photography, but I think is fascinating. I love developing my black and white film, I love hoping it turns out well, so that my pictures don’t get lost. I love printing them and waiting for them to dry. I love this old fashion photography.
Another big passion I have is reading. I literally read everything that comes into my hands; it could be a book, a magazine, a flyer, or even a cereal box. I don’t have a favorite type of novel, nor a favorite novel. They just look all good, amazing. I am also really passionate when I read. In fact, most of the times I end up crying for the death of fictional characters.
I do love TV shows the same way I love books. I am also as passionate as I am when I read. I could talk about movies and TV shows all day long without getting bored.
When I can, I like to do sport. Back home, I used to be a fencer. I also played tennis for several years of my life. Now, I run. As soon as I have free time after my classes and my homework, I go running. I usually run at the gym on a treadmill, especially because the weather in the North doesn’t allow outdoor sport during the winter.

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