My Fitness Diary Week 3

Hello everybody,

This week dieting is not going that well. First of all, I still haven’t lost any pound under my original starting weight (131.4), but I already sort of give up on the idea of losing it. The weirdest thing is that my boyfriend stopped losing weight too. However, I try not to be discouraging for him, since that it was his idea to diet to lose weight and I try to encourage him the more I can. About the dieting process, I read online a lot of different opinions, but they all agreed on the fact that dieting is a sort of lifestyle and it takes more than a couple of weeks to change your metabolism. Once this happens, the long-term weight loss will happen. And weight loss means that people are taking in fewer calories than they are using, therefore the body will use up its reserves for energy, instead of food.

But this week we went over the calories limit twice: Monday and Wednesday. On Monday he had the day off so we went to the beach. We sort of forgot about lunch because we were really relaxed by the sound of the waves, so when we started to head back home to do homework, our bodies started craving for food and we ended up eating McDonald’s. Even if we did a low calories dinner, our calories count was still over the limit of 1500. Wednesday was an accident, sort of. We decided to have a date night, and we picked thai food. Usually Thai food has the reputation of being healthy, but apparently our appetizer was what ruined us. Our main dish was our usual Pad Thai (mine with chicken and his with tofu), which has a count of 440 calories (this is an average between all the different ones). However, our appetizer apparently had a count of 600 calories, which we did not expect. We ordered fried tofu (first thing that should have warned us about the danger) with peanut sauce dipping (second warning). I regret nothing because it was delicious  and we didn’t gain any weight.

We are doing great from an exercise point of view. I should probably walk more during the day, especially because all my friends are beating me in the walking competition on FitBit (add me HERE if you want). Overall our cardio is improving and we are becoming every day stronger. We divided our work out in the following way:
– Mondays and Thursdays we run one mile, then we walk a mile, and we run back the last mile (we are working on this last step, but in a few weeks we will master it)
– Tuesdays and Fridays we sprint one mile, with the goal of doing it in under 6.30 minutes (his idea)
– Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays are our rest days, in which we walk for at least one hour
In case we miss one running session, we will do it in the weekend.

This is all for this week, I am still alive!


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