My Fitness Diary Weeks 1 and 2

I know people work for their summer bodies during the winter so that during the summer they would look awesome. However, I enjoy working out, so my boyfriend and I decided to start working out for our own good. In addition, we are on a diet… no more than 1500 calories per day. That is something super difficult for me, because I love food, but I am willing to do it for him!

My first week was kind of a disaster, I always went over the 1500 calories per day, but not for that much. In addition, we worked out every day, either running or walking. Even if the weight loss is going greatly for him, it is not going as good for me. In fact, this first week I gained a pound. This led to the terrible Sunday.

Sunday I was so pissed that I ignored the diet and I ate something like 2000 calories. We felt guilty tho, and we walked for like two and a half hours. Fun thing happened the day day after, I lost the poud gained.

Week two I tried to do better. I completely gave up ice cream and replaced it with vegetables, and I am slowly giving up bread and dressings/ketchup. I have never been so motivated in a diet before, I guess that when they say that if you find an excercise and dieting partner is better. In addition, we are being very strict on our training schedule and we are doing our best to respect and follow it. When we run, we not only jog, but we try to push ourselves to our limits, without collapsing on the floor of course!


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