Shopping in Milan

My dear readers,

It’s that time of the year again… Sales discounts!!! And which is the best city in Italy to visit during this time of the year if not Milan, the Italian Fashion Capital! Despites tthe low temperatures and the large amount of people that had my same idea, I managed to buy a lot of things for half of their price. I visited a mall in Lainate called Il Centro. This first day of shopping was challenging, because it was the first day of discounts and the whole city was  centered in this mall. Even if I had to fight, I had good deals for Victoria Secrets bras and some work outfits. However, the best deals are at an outlet called Scalo Milano City Style. Here I got the best deals, super discounts, and a lot of clothes for basically nothing!

The second day, we had a relaxing afternoon of shopping in Monza, a very nice city next to Milan. Here the situation was better, because there was not as much people as the day before. In addition, there were really good deals, but I had to buy a super hot shirt to put on because the temperatures where too low and I did not pack enough clothes to survived those insane temperatures.

The third day, we visited the city center. It was not as packed as I imagined, it was super cold, but this did not kill my spirit. I bought a lot of cool clothes, now I can officially say that I have a new wardrobe!


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