Little Miss International is back!!!

First of all, I am sorry for the absence but these past four months have been crazy! College has been a sort of nightmare, full of tests and homework, and the only idea of staying more online blogging made me dizzy and sad. Then I started working as well, so I barely had time for myself.

However, as my new year resolution, I want to start blogging again! I have a lot of projects for this year, and I hope that everything will work more than fine. First of all, I am getting an American driving license, so that later I would be able to buy a car. Then, besides school and working, I will start a volunteer project with my college, in which we help people to do their taxes. Then, for those interested in gossip, my boyfriend moved down to Florida, so another project is to make enough money to fly down and visit him. Finally, I am working hard to get an internship for this summer, somewhere possibly near where my boyfriend lives.

This is all I have to say for now, but I will be back soon!

Help me here, if you want!


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