Crete Part 2

The third day was devoted to relax. We found an amazing but quiet beach, Platanes Beach. We stayed there all day long and the beach is well served: there is wifi and the bar over there offers all types of food and drinks. They bring it to your umbrella as well. For dinner we took a walk in Rethymno, in its Old Quarter. This quarter is composed as a maze, as most of the cities in Crete, and it has Venetian Ottoman influence. We had the most expensive dinner of our trip here, La Renzo Taverna. In my opinion it is overrated and too expensive. The prices were more expensive than theu should have been.IMG_3173

The fourth day we interrupted our relax to visit the Palace of Knossos. The tour gives you the opportunity to spin around the partially reconstructed complex of the royal palace. There were domestic quarters for the king, officiers and priests. This place is perfect to have an idea on the Minoic society. After we finished the tour we came back to Platanes Beach, since that we loved it. For lunch we ate Gyros, a typical sandwich. It was delicious. For dinner we came back to Panormos and ate at the restaurant we ate on our first day there.

The fifth day was the best. We spent the day at the best beaches in the island Falassarna Beach. It is not as popular as Elafonisi, but it is more beautiful than the first one! It is a long sandy beach, with stunning sunsets and pink-cream sands and teal waters. The water is clear. We dined at Kastel-Kisamos, at the Restaurant-Taverna the Cellar. The food was amazing but the portions were oversized. Our stomach was more than full of food. In addition, we ate the biggest ice cream we ever had.IMG_3258

On the sixth and last day we decided to come back to Platanes Beach, the second best beach and the nearest from the apartment. For lunch we went back to the Gyros place, where the staff was more than friendly! We decided to have dinner in a place near to the airport, since that our flight left at 3 am. We stopped on the road to Iraklion in Agias Pelagia’s beach, and we ate at Restaurant Mythos, a Greek taverna. The staff was friendly and they offered us Rakia again, and we drank it with the owner of the restaurant.


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