Crete Part 1

Crete, an island rich of wonderful beaches, ancien history, and beautiful landscapes, is the place I chose to end my vacations. This is the right place to relax before going back to college. But Crete is not only that. Here there are both dreamy cities, and villages, and the locals are more than happy to share their traditions, cuisine, and generous spirit. These beech and cities emerge from the arid hill that forms the landscape and, most of the times, to reach different places you must drive through canyons that will make you fear of hight.IMG_3135

We rented an apartment in Panormo, a small village perfect for those that hate big cities and busy roads. It is really nice and the people are friendly. A fun fact they told us is that here cats are treated as kings. This little village is well located because it is only half an hour far from Rethymno. We arrived at dinner time and we walked until we reached a nice taverna, Taverna Geronymos. The food is amazing and they offer, on the house, an amazing chocolate cake made out of Oreos. This was the main reason we came back later in the week.

On the very first day of our tour we decided to visit Stavros Beach, a little an intimate stone beach. There is a lovely beach bar there that serves the best salad i have ever had. When it was time to have dinner, we walked to Chania, a town with an old Venetian harbor, pastel-colored historic townhouses. In my opinion the harbor is the best part of the city. We decided to dine in a restaurant on it, called Monastiri. The food was good, but the service was slow.IMG_3095

On the second day, we collected all the courage we had and we went to Elafonisi, a tourist trap, Crete’s tourist trap. Every person traveling to Crete wants to visit it, but not everybody manages to go there. It is hidden in the southeast of the island, and to reach it people must drive through a canyon. It is known for its sandy beaches and its transparent turquoise water. Unfortunately, all tourists go there so it is too crowdy to relax, and too hot to survive there more than three hours. We went back to Panormo and we ate at Taverna Kastro. The food was amazing, and the service as well. At the end of the dinner, they offer some Rakia, grappa, and they drink it with you.IMG_3664.JPG


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