In my life I’ve been several times in this city in Croatia and I am never tired of it. Once part of Italy, now this city welcomes tourists from every part of the world, coming either via sea or ground transportation. It does not matter which is their final destination, every tourist traveling through Croatia always makes a pause in Rovinj, that could be from one day long till a week long. This city is able to steal your heart and make you stay there thanks to its beaches, its amazing Old Town, and especially its cuisine!

First of all, its beaches. In the past year, thanks to a huge Russian investment, Rovinj renovated its sea side, making it look like those super chic cities all around the world that are also super expensive. The only difference is that Rovinj is not that expensive. But this is not the only way the beaches could be considered amazing. In fact, the water is clean, without seaweeds or any other kind of dirt. In addition, since that it is not a sand beach but a stone beach, the water is almost transparent and it reflects the color of the sky: blue.IMG_3566

Secondly, its Old Town. The Old Town is built over a hill, in which top is located a huge church, almost as big as the length of the hill. This is the symbol of the town and it is devoted to Saint Euphemia Parish Church. While walking in the town, it is possible to notice that it looks like some cities in Italy. This is due the fact Rovinj was part of Italy until the end of World War Two. This is typical not only of this city, but also of almost every Old town in Istria and in the Dalmatian Islands. In addition, on the northern side, there still are the remains of the walls which used to protect the town’s inhabitants from conquerors and looters.

IMG_3574.JPGFinally, its cuisine. Fish is the must eat, but also the meat tastes good. We ate at the same restaurant that we always go, Maestral, that offers an amazing view of the Old Town. The best part of the dinner here are the appetizers, made by fish of course. There are fish salads or fish carpaccios that will make you loose your mind. Then, the main courses come. They could be either pasta with fish or fish filet. Let’s say this is not the right place to start a diet.

Best and recommended guide:
Lonely Planet Croatia (Travel Guide)


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