IMG_2311“Fui sobre agua edificada, mis muros de fuego son. Esta es mi insignia y blason” (On water I was built, my walls are made of fire. This is my ensign and escutcheon). This is the motto of the capital of Spain, the largest minicipality of the Community of Madrid. This is located in the exact center of the country, it is its heart, the place where the Spanish essence was, is, and will always be kept safe by its citizens. The pecular trait of the city is that it emerges from the desert of the Meseta, the arids lands of the Sierra that surrounds the city.

To start my tour, I decided to go to the Reina Sofia Museum (the museum of modern art) to see the Guernica. Guernica is an amazing painting made by Picasso. It was painted in honor guernica-museoto the disaster, the bombardment made by the German and Italian armies in the Spanish city, during the Spanish Civil War. It is possible to visit that museum for free after 7 pm from Monday till Saturday.

Secondly, I went to Puerta del Sol, a square located in the center of the city. This square is famous because it is the place where it is gathered the city life, both during the day and during the night. In addition, there is the most important clock tower, which on New Year’s Eve tells all the country the beginning of the year. There also is a statue of a bear, the symbol of the town, and the kilometer zero, the point in which all the Spanish streets start, the center of the country. Then I walked to Callao, a small square between Gran Via and Puerta del Sol.

The following day, after work, my brother and I decided to have lunch to “El Lateral“, the most famous tapa restaurant in the city, which makes the best tortilla de patata in town. Then we took the metro and walked to Plaza Mayor, where in the past was located the most important market in town. In addition, there where three fires, but it still looks like it used to be.

IMG_2297.jpgSecondly, we tool Calle Mayor, one of the mayor streets that connects Puerta del Sol and the Almudena Church. We visited the Almudena Church, that was consecrated by Pope Giovnni Paolo II, it is the most important city in town. It is located next to the Royal Palace, and it is devoted to the Saint of the city. We passed next to the Royal Palace and the Sabatini Garden.

Then, we visited Plaza de España, a square that hosts one of the most important and relevant statue in town, the one devoted to Don Quijote and Sancho Panza. We decided to keep walking till we found on our way the Debod Temple, a temple built like those located in Egypt.

We walked through Gran Via, the most important street in town, where there are a lot of shops and restaurants. We decided to dine in 100 Montaditos, a typical restaurant where you order several little sandwiches and you pay one euro each.

On the third day, we ate lunch at New York Burger, an American place that makes the best burger I’ve ever had. Once the hot temperature went down, around 8 pm, we went to the Azotea of the Circulo de Bellas Artes, a terrace that offers the best view in town. We ate dinner in the Mercado de San Miguel, a street market that offers tapas and sangria for a cheap price.  After dinner we made a tour of Madrid by night.

IMG_2340.jpgOn the last day of the tour, we spent 5,90 euros and we took the Teleferico. It offers the best view of Madrid from its outside. That day the temperatures were really high (39° C, 90° F) and we looked for rest inside the Atocha station, while waiting the train back. Inside the station is located a tropical garden, with trees and a small river full of turtles. The fun part is that the turtles were not supposed to be there: people in the past used to abandon them there, and now they just belong there.

Suggested and most complete guide:

Lonely Planet Madrid (Travel Guide)


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