The Perfect Silhouette

dfebe93168ac97ad6e168fcc106399b6Fashion is characterized by super skinny models, giving to us normal people a distorted sense of reality. In addition, those models give girls the idea that to be like them, they have almost to give up eating. Girls do not need to be super skinny to look cute in their clothes. Moreover, to stop eating is not the solution. In fact, those who choose to stop eating in order to lose weight, burn their fat, slower than those who decide to exercise. This happens because when people decide to starve, their body reacts by slowing down the metabolism, in order to optimize the use of the energy. On the contrary, exercising and changing the lifestyle are the best ways to burn fat in a healthy way. People can either choose to invest money by subscribing to a gym (like I do), or to exercise by their own to save some money.

It is not necessary to go everyday, but to see the results sooner you have to go at least three times a week. Perseverance is the key word, not to give up is the most important thing.

The best activity you can do to both train your body and lose weight is running. It not only will benefit your body, but also your mind, because it will help you relax. Then, it is important to finish with at least ten minutes of stretching. This way your muscles will be thinner and more elastic to adapt to changes.

If the option chosen is to train in the gym, I hardly recommend you to participate in those classes like Pilates, GAG, and aerobics. Those classes are structured to burn fat and to tone your muscles. You will end up having fun as well!

Finally, you need to change your lifestyle: walk whenever you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator, eat less junk food and more fruits and vegetables.

Having the perfect silhouette is not impossible, you just have to make a few changes in your life and buckle down.


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