The day I went to New York City

IMG_2313New York is amazing! Every day I go there I fall in love even more with this city: its streets, its people, its air, the atmosphere. I am looking forward to that moment in which I will be moving there. The Art Department of Post University organized, together with the Honors Program, a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. Beside the cold, the day was perfect. I walked around the museum for an hour, enjoying the paintings exposed. After that, I decided to sneak out, because in my opinion an hour was more than enough. I ran a lot because the time wasn’t enough. The Met is on the 82nd Street and I walked to Times Square. It was cloudy but beautiful. I took a lot of pictures, I visited almost all the places I love the most in Manhattan. I ran back to the Museum because I thought I was late, but I found out I wasn’t. I am proud of myself. According to the large amount of people that stopped me and told me “I love your hair”, it was a great-hair-day. Then, I behaved like a real New Yorker: I was walking super fast in the crowd, hating the tourists, drinking a Grande White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (delicious!!!) and wearing a super nice outfit.

Fun Fact: this past week I took two different online tests about which city is the best for me, and I scored twice New York

Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art

The Met Fifth Avenue                       The Met Breuer                                  The Met Cloisters
1000 Fifth Avenue                             945 Madison Avenue                        99 Margaret Corbin Drive
New York, NY 10028                         New York, NY 10021                         New York, NY 10040
Phone: 212-535-7710                       Phone: 212-731-1675                       Phone: 212-923-3700


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