Fashion Without Debt

There is a quote that I particularly like that says: ” Fashion is an art and you are the canvas”. It reflects the real aim of fashion. Fashion is not about spending a lot of money to buy every season the new clothes, it is all about making people look pretty by wearing amazing clothes and make up.

I am a college student. I recently finished my first year studying business in Connecticut. College is the right place to spy different styles because everybody is too broke and too tired to pay enough attention on what people is wearing. For this reason there are a lot of different outfit groups: pajamas, sweatpants + sweatshirts, casual dressed and, sometimes, the smart dressed.

My group of people is the casual dressed sometimes smart. I must say I am not a fashion addicted, i just love dressing nice, creating new outfits, and put make up on.

My slogan is “Fashion without debts”. I always try to buy nice outfits without spending more than 30 dollars.  I only buy more expensive clothes if I really fall for them and I am sure I can match two or more outfits with that piece (like shoes for exaple). Usually when I do realize that piece of outfit is an investment, I ask for it as a present to my parents or friends.

To be fair, I started to care about fashion only a few years ago. I mean I’ve always loved it, but I was a tomboy when I was little. I used to dress like a girl only when my mom decided so, but when I could, I used to dress in a really comfortable way, by putting on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. And, of course, tennis shoes.

I decided to start this blog because i love writing and taking pictures. Another reason is because I hope I could inspire someone, prove them that spending a lot of money in fashion is not necessary, that someone could wear pretty clothes and look amazing even with a limited budget.

Top: Hollister
Shorts: Pimkie


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