Healthy Pad Thai

Total calories: 414 Hello everybody, Today I wanted to share with you a healthy recipe I found online that I modified to make it healthier and a better fit to my diet. I love chicken pad thai, I love it so much that I would eat it every day. However, it contains a lot of … More Healthy Pad Thai

I Am Back

Good afternoon everybody! I know I disappeared for almost a year, but it has been a crazy year! I started my sophomore year at college and two new jobs that took up a lot of my time. I am now a tutor and a teacher assistant for the dark room and I love both of … More I Am Back

Travel is rebellion on its purest form. 
We follow our hearts
we free ourselves of labels we love control willingly we trade a role for reality we love unfamiliar we trust strangers we own only what we can carry we search for better questions, not answers we truly graduate we, sometimes, choose never come back.

Shopping in Milan

My dear readers, It’s that time of the year again… Sales discounts!!! And which is the best city in Italy to visit during this time of the year if not Milan, the Italian Fashion Capital! Despites tthe low temperatures and the large amount of people that had my same idea, I managed to buy a … More Shopping in Milan

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.